The original party animal.

Petsmart recently sued a St. Louis petshop over a former employee’s alleged violation of a noncompete.  The agreement prevents Chris Lee, a co-owner of A Walk in the Park, from working at a petshop within a five-mile radius of any Petsmart location in St. Louis.  There are 12 Petsmart locations in St. Louis.  Lee, a dog groomer, claims the noncompete prevents him from working.

A Walk in the Park has tried to foster some grassroots opposition to the lawsuit. The following briefly appeared on the company’s website:


A Walk in the Park is currently under attack. We hosted our Grand Opening Party on Sunday, November 8th from 2-6pm and posted that information on our website ( At 2pm on that Sunday, in front of our guests, we were served by Petsmart’s attorneys. Petsmart, Inc. is suing us under a “non-compete” clause and threatens to shut our doors.

The entire posting goes into much greater detail.  We’ll continue to monitor the suit.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.