Whenever I talk with an employee or employer about a noncompete or nonsolicitation agreement the number 1 question is "Can you provide me with the agreement you (or the employee) signed?"  Usually, the employer has a nice neat employment file that contains all agreements.  Employees on the other hand are usually a different story. 

In the last week I’ve talked to two highly paid employees who were contemplating making a move to a new company.  One thought they had a noncompete, the other couldn’t remember.  Neither had the actual agreement but was going to request one from their employer. 

An employee requesting their employment agreements at the end of the year sends out a red flag – "I am looking for a new job."  There is a lot of employment transition at the end of the year as the employee has presumably received their bonus and there is less financial incentive to stay.  Yes, your employer will provide you with your agreements, but if they’re smart you will be under the microscope.

Point is, keep anything you sign with your employer.  Ask for a copy at the time you execute any agreement, including any amendments or supplements you sign through the years.  It just makes good sense for a variety of reasons.  Remember, the agreement your coworker signed isn’t necessarily the same agreement you signed. 

(H/T Virgina Non-Compete Law Blog)