Verizon and AT&T nonsuited lawsuits pending in New York and Atlanta today which largely stemmed over the companies’ respective 3G phone service.  Verizon filed a declaratory judgment lawsuit in July requesting a New York court to find Verizon’s claim that its 3G network was the most reliable was accurate.   AT&T filed a lawsuit in November claiming Verizon’s "There’s a A Map for That" ad campaign was misleading.  It also attempted to obtain a temporary restraining order shutting down the ad campaign but the Court denied the request

Verizon’s campaign was a response to AT&T’s iphone success  and the "There’s an app for that" campaign.  It is unclear why the lawsuits were dismissed. The Judge’s denial of AT&T’s application for a temporary restraing order certainly did not bode well for future success in the Atlanta suit.