Different companies have different and evolving social media policies that hopefully are tailored to the companies’ business but below are some social media commandments that most every employee should follow. Here is a start:

(1) Assume everything you post is being read by your boss, supervisor, and grandmother.  The point is once content, updates, posts, pictures etc., are released into cyberspace, they cannot be retrieved.

(2) Don’t badmouth your customers, company, coworkers or your boss.  Seems like a common sense proposition but some think their on line content is somehow insulated from their work life, it is not.

(3) Think about who you friend or follow.  You can tell a lot about people based on who they are friends with on Facebook or who they follow on twitter.  That’s not necessarily a good or bad thing but how much do you want to reveal about yourself?   Do you really need to be friends with your boss or subordinates?

(4) Common Sense – use it.  Most issues can be avoided by simply using a little common sense.

What would you include?