In a recent entry in the Delaware Employment Law blog, Molly DiBanca recounts the story of a employee who gives two weeks notice of intent to resign and then proceeds to email confidential and proprietary information to his new employer from his work email account. Note to employers, lock down or at least seriously monitor a departing employee’s work email account. If they are going to take information they may be emailing it from their work account to a hotmail account. Of course, this employee was audacious enough to actually send the email from the work account to the competitor.

What about when email is not used? Can the IT department monitor flashdrive downloads or printouts or in the middle of the night ? IT can and should monitor this type of strange activity. At the same time also monitor the employee’s whereabouts if entry (or exit) into the workplace requires some type of access card or other device. I don’t mean to sound like big brother, but  we are talking about protecting business assets..