This is the second edition  of the world of non-competes. As usual, a number of new industries appear to be using non-competes:


Lauren Ellerman has an interesting discussion on her blog about roofers and whether non-competes in the roofing industry are enforceable. Her point that lawsuits aren’t easily squashed is well taken.


The Massachusetts Hairdresser

A Superior Court judge in Massachusetts ruled that a hair salon was entitled to a preliminary injunction that prevents a former employee/hairdresser from competing in the same area for one year and using client name and contact information. 


Business Supply Salesperson

You know the individual that comes around the office to stock up with all the necessary office supplies? In this case in Harris County, Texas (Houston) a company similar to that sued its former employee over a non-compete. 


The Detroit Radiator Salesman

This salesman was employed for 10 months and was fired because things were not working out.  He signed a two year non-compete.  Below is the employee’s take on the situation:


That’s what they’re telling me, that I have like trade secrets in my head or something.  I don’t understand how though.