A few social media signs that an employee is leaving:

  1. The Obvious –  A Linked-In or Facebook profile update that includes the name of a person’s new employer;
  2. The Obvious – An actual description of the new employer or business in a social media profile;
  3. The Obvious – A status update where the employee announces their departure;
  4. The Obvious – A posted link to the new business or venture;
  5. The Obvious – Outright solicitations from the former employee to the employer’s customers;
  6. The Obvious – General solicitations for business or leads;
  7. Subtle – A request for a reference for a website designer or IT help;
  8. Subtle – A request for a reference for someone to put together business cards, stationary, etc. – basically anything someone would need to start up a business;
  9. Subtle – A request for legal advice regarding business entities (the new business will need a corporate form; and
  10. Though not a necessarily social media related, a request from the employee for their employment contract. 

The interesting byproduct of social media sites is that many employees now maintain their business contacts on line.  A departing employee will alert their contacts that they are leaving.  The question then becomes what can or will the employer do to keep their clients/customers?