I’m embarrassed to admit to watching “The Real World” when it first came out in the early 90’s. It’s been many years since I have tuned in, but I always wondered what the contract was like that cast members had to sign. Luckily, the Village Voice has obtained the agreement


Some highlights:


I acknowledge and understand that, as for the participating in other hazardous activities, my participation in the Program carries with it the potential for death, serious physical injury, extreme emotional distress, mental or physical illness and property loss.  


I understand and acknowledge that Producer may or may not screen or conduct background checks or investigations of the other participants or any other person who appears, or may appear, on the Program (including an investigation of any person’s medical, professional or criminal history) and Producer has no duty to conduct such an investigation.

The Producer is not responsible if any of the cast members obtain a sexually transmitted disease. 

And my favorite: 


I further understand that my appearance, depiction, and sexual portrayal in an in connection with the Program (including without limitation, the title of the Program), in my actions and the actions of other displayed in and in connection with the Program, may be disparaging, defamatory, embarrassing or of an otherwise unfavorable nature, may expose me to public ridicule, humiliation or condemnation and may portray me in a false light.

So, I get to live with persons who have had no background check and may be disease-ridden and the producers of the Program can portray me in any manner that they see fit, whether or not it is accurate or even true. Where do I sign up? Certainly not your typical employment contract.