Regardless of your views on professional sports there is no doubt that the NFL and its teams invest a significant amount of money in 20-somethings who are drafted each year out of college. As part of that process, the teams put each potential player through a number of physical tests during the NFL combine that takes place each year in Indianapolis, Indiana. In addition to physical tests, each player is interviewed and subjected to a number of questions. Much like a typical job interview.

So comes the case of Manti Te’o. Manti unfortunately had a fake girlfriend who died during Notre Dame’s run to the national championship game this past fall. It turned out that the dead girlfriend was in fact a man. Of course, the rumors swirled about the sexuality of Manti, though he denied that he was gay.

It has been reported that Manti and other draftees were asked whether or not they liked girls, had a girlfriend, or were in a relationship during combine interviews.  The intent of the questions was to determine if the candidate was gay.   Marriage status, sexuality, and religion are on the top of the list of questions not to ask during any interview. 

The New York attorney general is now investigating whether this occurred. According to the NFL, it is league policy to neither consider nor inquire about sexual orientation in the hiring process. Employers, don’t ask about sexuality it has no bearing on employment and will subject the employer to all sorts of problems.