Yesterday I had the opportunity to present a webinar through entitled "Protecting Your Company from the Departing Employee".  If you would like to actually view the webinar follow this link.

One of the issues that we discussed are employment policies that restrict the use of personal storage devices, like a jump drive, from office use.  The thought in implementing such policies is to restrict the ability to take large amounts of data with them from the office by using these devices.  Ken Vanko wrote on the subject earlier in the year. These types of policies can include smart phones, laptops, and tablets as well.  The White House has provided some examples of these type of policies.  An Internet search will provide you with a number of sample policies and suggestions, but they should be tailored to your business.  Most companies don’t have these policies in place but they need them.

Additionally, the webinar included a few movie clips that I have posted below for some HR entertainment: