A little light reading for everyone:

  1. Here’s an analysis of a recent Nike/Adidas dispute.  Nope, not over signing the latest basketball phenom to a shoe contract.  Instead, a lawsuit against several Nike designers who bolted for Adidas.  Nice breakdown by Florida lawyer Jonathan Pollard.  The link.
  2. A quick blurb on a Kentucky court’s refusal to enforce a non-compete against car dealers.  The link.
  3. Another Jonathan Pollard discussion of a non-compete fight between two staffing agencies.  The link.
  4. A lawsuit against four former Gillette employees alleging trade secret misappropriation.  The link.
  5. Finally, state legislatures are in action so we have the requesite non-compete legislation.  The link.

We’re off to a busy year in 2015 and the non-compete/trade secret lawsuits aren’t going away.