So much has been underway in the world of sports employment issues since our first installment I’m just going to focus on items related to the Dallas teams.  No, I’m not a Cowboys fan but they provide plenty of fodder that is magnified by our local and national media. So without further adieu:

  1. The signing of Greg Hardy:  Hardy, formerly with the Carolina Panthers, provides a ferocious pass rush.  Unfortunately, he has also beaten his girlfriend.  In short, Hardy was originally convicted, demanded a jury, and the conviction was thrown out after the girlfriend did not appear to testify.  Somehow the NFL conviced the prosecutors to let them look at pictures of the girlfiend (after it filed a lawsuit) and suspended him for 10 games next season.  Hardy signed with Dallas and has proceeded to: (1) abandon his Bentley during a flash flood episode; and (2) make an inapporptiate 9/11 – Twin Towers joke during the draft.  It’s hard to be fan of Hardy considered his past and current conduct.  The Cowboys have even taken some heat in the media over the issue.  Highly unlikely an average employer would make such a higher but neitther the Cowboys or NFL are average.  We’ll see what happens with Mr. Hardy next season.  The tweet under the name Kraken Kennedy:              The Tweet
  2. Josh Hamilton – Hamilton left the Rangers a few years ago after being MVP and propelling the Rangers to two World Series.  Hamilton was a can’t miss prospect with a serious drug addiction.  Over the years he has struggled to remain clean and has had some fairly publicized relapses.  Hamilton has gained the ire of Ranger fans by some anti-Ranger comments after his departure to the California Angels.  Hamilton has issues – they probably fall within the scope of the ADAAA or FMLA.  He’s with the Ranger’s AAA affiliate and should be back in the big leagues this month.
  3. Randy Gregory – Another Cowboy’s story here.  Gregory is a linebacker from Nebraska.  Before news of his positive marijuna test came out he was projected to be a top 10 pick.  Positive test means a slide in the draft to second round.  The Cowboys have a history of dealing with troubled players.  There’s no doubt there is somone on the payroll right now to make sure Gregory stays out of trouble – not many employers like that.  Of course, the Cowboys had a similar set up for wide-receiver Dez Bryant.