A few weeks ago Washington Quarterback Robert Griffin III left the Washington lockeroom for what all believe was the last time.  RG3, a Heisman winner at Baylor, will likely be cut.  It was only a couple of seasons ago that Washington fans believed he was their football saivor as he led them to a division win and playoffs.  Injuries, bad press, and the rise of quarterback Kirk Cousins put an end to that dream.  At the beginning of the season RG3 was benched in favor of Cousins and never set foot on the field this season.

So on his way out in what was obviously an orchestrated move, RG3 left the print out above on his locker for all to see and report on.  He did not talk to the press.

Which brings up employee departures, more specifically terminations.  Over the last couple of weeks I’ve assisted a few clients with depatures.  Yes, there is the legality behind the decision to let someone go, but there is also the mechanics behind how to do it.  My thoughts:

  1. Dignity – Employers have to be mindful that this is a traumatic event for someone.  It’s not fun and no one likes the process unless they are a psychopath.  Be mindful of the employees’ feelings.
  2. Timing – There is no one size fits all solution for this but letting folks go later in the day usually works better.  It usually doesn’t make sense to keep them working.
  3. Make sure the employee’s access to email and the office end immediately.  Forward their email to someone in the company if necesssary.  Also, make sure remote access is cut-off.
  4. Conduct an exit interview if that is part of the employer’s process.
  5. Collect all keys, access cards, phones, etc.
  6. Remind the employee of any post-employment covenants or obligations they have.
  7. If the departuer is going to be contentious, have security there.  No joke, this can be an issue.

These are just a few thoughts.  I am sure there are others.