2016 EEOC Stats


As a lawyer who frequently deals with EEOC charges/responses the EEOC’s yearly statistics always provide some interesting information on what folks are filing claims over these days.  Here is a link to a state by state breakdown of claims in 2016.  So what were some key Texas numbers?  Here are a few:

  1. 9,308 Total Claims
  2. 3,244 Race Based Claims
  3. 2,765 Sex Discrimination Claims
  4. 1,190 National Origin Claims
  5. 358 Religion Based Claims
  6. 4,633 Retaliation Claims (Based On All Statutes)
  7. 2,000 Age Claims
  8. 2,775 Disability Claims
  9. 90 Equal Pay Act Claims
  10. 24 GINA Claims

Texas was down by about 200 claims from 2015 but 9,308 is still a lot of claims for the EEOC to address.  Why does that matter?  Because employers who face a claim want the the claim resolved in a timely manner.  If you have had any recent experience with EEOC claims in Texas you know that resolution of the claims takes some time.  Why?  In part because there are a lot of other claims ahead of you.  The EEOC is limited in terms of the number offices and investigators it has to resolve claims.  As long as Texas continues to see close to 9,000 claims a year it will be a long process.