The answer is most companies don’t have to worry about the Federal Trade Commission  targeting their non-compete agreements.  A few weeks ago there was some publicity around the FTC’s ruling that effectively let several cardiac physicians in Reno get out of a non-compete.  The basis for the decision and companion lawsuit filed by

As discussed here previously, Texas non-compete and non-solicitation agreements are alive and well and the Texas Supreme Court has made them easier to enforce. Doctors are frequently the targets of non-competes and they are legal in the state of Texas. 

The Texas Legislature has gone out of its way to set forth provisions necessary to make


As discusssed here before, a former employee with an non-compete agreement usually has two choices in terms of challenging a non-compete.  The first is to "compete" and then see what the former employer does.  This could mean a lawsuit with an application for a temporary restraining order that puts the former employee out of