Placement Professionals

The Scenario
Assume the following: Jordan James, a successful legal recruiter employed at Company A has left to start her own placement firm. James signed a non-compete and non-solicitation with Company A and it is believed that James took her Microsoft Outlook contacts that contains all of her client information. What should Company A do

In a previous posting we discussed placement professionals’ obligations under Chapter 2501 of the Texas Occupations Code. There is only one reported case addressing this provision. In Joseph Chris Personnel Services, Inc. v. Donna Rossi, et al., Joseph Chris, a real estate recruiter, sued former employees for alleged breach of employment contract, breach of

Today I had the opportunity to speak with the DFW Recruiters Network. Placement Professionals are faced with a variety of legal issues including covenants not to compete, non-solicitation covenants, anti-raid provisions, and the general enforceability of fee agreements with clients. All of these topics are the subject of this blog, but I wanted to take