Legislation regarding social media is on the rise.  Commentators spend a lot of time monitoring the implications of social media in the employment and lawsuit context but the judicial branch is now weighing in as well.  A number of legislatures have already enacted laws that address what happens to social media accounts like Facebook


Keeping with the NFL’s Thanksgiving tradition, the Dallas Cowboys played the Miami Dolphins in Dallas last Thursday afternoon.  The Cowboys came out on top and now lead the NFC East.  That, however, was not grabbed my attention about the game.

In the fourth quarter, Cowboys tight-end Jason Witten caught a pass on the sideline. 

Fulbright & Jaworski’s 2011 Litigation Trend survey provides a number of interesting tidbits on all things litigation, including some insight into social media practices by employers. There were a couple of items raised in the survey that have serious implications for employers: 

        One-fifth of all respondents reported in a previous year their companies had


A related blog post was inevitable with the World Series here in North Texas.  Right now the Rangers are up 3-2 with a game tonight in St. Louis if the weather holds.   Now to the "related" post. 

The power of social media continues to grow, and Major League Baseball’s debacle with Dirk Nowitzki’s first pitch


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