The Great Whiskey Ring Trial courtesy of Cornell University

Although it’s nice to have high paid jury consultants and days to ponder potential jurors, the reality is in most jury trials the lawyer is handed a list of potential jurors minutes before they walk in the Courtroom door.  It’s then up to the lawyer and his client to sift through basic information about the


With the rise of social networks that permit us to update the world on the details of our lives and smart-phones that allow access to email, social networks, and the internet 24/7, there is always something to do. Take a look around. On my drive into work there is always someone on a phone texting


In cases with significant email traffic lawyers often use applications that sift through emails and documents using specific search phrases and terms.  Usually, the search terms and phrases tie to significant issues to the case or dispute.  Recently, the search terms used by the lawyers investigating the Lehman Brothers debacle were published. Those lawyers were charged with


You’ve probably seen friends, coworkers, family members, and strangers glued to their "smart phone" of choice as if it is somehow an appendage.  The use/addiction to these items is increasing as we become more and more mobile.  A couple of interesting stats courtesy of CNN:

A Pew study found in January that

Seventy percent of participating U.S. employers indicated they had rejected a job applicant based on their on line profile in a recent Microsoft survey.  U.S. employers were well ahead of the UK, Germany, and France:


The study found that employers’ scrutiny focused on concerns about the applicant’s lifestyle, inappropriate comments by the candidate, and unsuitable pictures and video:

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Different companies have different and evolving social media policies that hopefully are tailored to the companies’ business but below are some social media commandments that most every employee should follow. Here is a start:

(1) Assume everything you post is being read by your boss, supervisor, and grandmother.  The point is once content, updates, posts, pictures