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Smooth Transitions

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Marathons and non-competes – really.

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                                       I have lived in Dallas for quite some time, and had the opportunity to run the Dallas White Rock Marathon now known as the Dallas Marathon. The Dallas Marathon usually takes place in early December and… Continue Reading

Lance Armstrong – You Can’t Fake Sincerity

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                                                Though this is slightly off topic, the Lance Armstrong imbroglio certainly provides some lessons for what constitutes an effective apology but more importantly what makes an effective witness during a trial… Continue Reading

The Corporate Verdict Against Lance Armstrong

Posted in Sports
                     Two weeks ago, the United States Anti-Doping Agency produced its reasoned decision and literally thousands of pages of evidence outlining the doping practices of Lance Armstrong and his teammates.  That evidence included multiple affidavits from previous teammates of Lance that painted the picture of the most  regimented doping scheme seen in professional sports. If you… Continue Reading

Sometimes “Policies” Aren’t Enough

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A society fails when it cannot protect its own children.  To me that is the bottom line from the tragedy at Penn State.  What occurred could have been prevented at so many different levels from the prosecutor to the assistant coach to the coach, there is plenty of blame to spread around.  The criminal justice… Continue Reading

Mike Leach Update

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After filing a lawsuit against Texas Tech and then being fired, Mike Leach relocated to Florida and continued with his breach of contract lawsuit.  The amended petition (or complaint from those outside of Texas) sheds a little more light on the facts giving rise to his firing and claims.   Last week, the depositions of Leach,… Continue Reading

Non-Disparagement Clauses

Posted in Injunction, Non-Disparagement, Sports
Joe Torre’s recent memoir concerning his stint with the Bronx Bombers has prompted some in Yankee circles to suggest the need for non-disparagement clauses for players and managers.  Typically, non-disparagement clauses appear in settlement and severance agreements.  The idea is that in exchange for money a former employee will not bad mouth his or her… Continue Reading

Non-Competes and College Football

Posted in Non-Compete Agreements, Sports
When University of Arkansas Coach Bobby Petrino suggested non-compete agreements for assistant coaches might be on the horizon, the irony was apparent. Petrino left Louisville for the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons in December 2007 then bolted 13 games into his tenure with Atlanta for Arkansas. Nevertheless, Petrino was upset defensive coach Lorenzo Ward was leaving for… Continue Reading