When you are courting that new employee, frequently you will present him or her with a rather lengthy employee agreement that contains all the bells and whistles.  Obviously this includes the standard pay/benefit information and maybe some post-employment covenants like a non-compete or non-solicit.  

Often times within the recitals there will also be


Last week I had the opportunity to speak to the Dallas-Fort Worth Recruiters Network about non-compete agreements. One of the questions that came up was what type of fees should a litigant who is either trying to enforce or defend a non-compete anticipate? Though an exact dollar amount will vary based


A few weeks ago, we discussed realities of recovery of attorney’s fees in litigation. This post attempts to narrow that focus on post employment covenants.  Under Texas Law, a party can recover its reasonable and necessary attorney’s fees for a breach of contract under Texas Civil Practice and Remedies section 38.001. A non-compete agreement


Parties to lawsuits sometimes try to seek solace in the fact that the ongoing attorneys’ fees they are paying will be recoverable at the end of their case. The reality of the situation is that just because an attorneys’ fees claim is proper does not mean those fees will ultimately be recoverable. In most