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Smooth Transitions

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Employees Posing for Playboy – The Firing

Posted in HR Issues

Though the sources are a little sketchy, it appears the Dallas Independent School District Spanish teacher that appeared in some Playboy pictures has been fired.  Details of the basis of the firing are not available but some have taken to social media in support of the teacher.  It remains to be seen whether the teacher… Continue Reading

Employees Posing For Playboy – What to do?

Posted in HR Issues

My friend Jon Hyman has a great discussion over on his Ohio Employer’s Law Blog about the firing of an employee over appearing in Playboy.  The employee claimed the employer gave her permission to do so, but she was fired anyway. Here in Dallas, we have a situation where a newly hired school teacher appeared… Continue Reading

Marathons and non-competes – really.

Posted in Sports

                                       I have lived in Dallas for quite some time, and had the opportunity to run the Dallas White Rock Marathon now known as the Dallas Marathon. The Dallas Marathon usually takes place in early December and… Continue Reading

The Problem Employee – Delonte West

Posted in HR Issues

                                             The world of sports always seems to have good examples of unfortunate employer/employee situations.  Maybe this is because of the combination of significant amounts of money and the media spotlight.  Two seasons ago… Continue Reading

Don’t Ignore a TRO

Posted in Injunction

                                In Texas a party seeking a temporary restraining order can do so ex parte – without the presence of the other side. In Dallas, most cases require that Plaintiff seeking the TRO provide the other side with the actual pleadings and a proposed Temporary Restraining Order two hours before any hearing.   When the… Continue Reading

How much time are your employees on Facebook?

Posted in HR Issues

                                            Dallas City Hall revealed that a number of city employees were on Facebook a few too many hours during the workday: A City analyst had his Facebook account open for 68 hours during a three month period beginning in January.  One racked up 198 hours in the same three month period.  Others, including a… Continue Reading

Langley Weinstein LLP

Posted in HR Issues

Friends: I am pleased to announce that I have become a partner at Langley Weinstein LLP. Langley Weinstein LLP is a Texas trial and appellate firm practicing in the areas of surety and construction, commercial litigation, and employment litigation with offices in Dallas and Houston. My new contact information is: Robert K. Radcliff Langley Weinstein… Continue Reading

Courtroom Observations: Non-Compete TROs.

Posted in Non-Compete Agreements

                                                Over the last few weeks I’ve been involved in defending and applying for temporary restraining orders in non-compete/trade secret cases in Houston and Dallas County District Courts.  A few observations on those proceedings: It is much easier to get injunctive relief in Texas since after the Texas Supreme Court’s rulings in  Alex Sheshunoff Mgmt.… Continue Reading

Picking a Jury: The Jury Questionnaire

Posted in Trial and Pre-Trial Procedure

During today’s Dallas Bar Association Trial Skills Section meeting Lisa Blue gave a great presentation on picking a jury.  Here is the questionnaire (.pdf) she provided for potential jurors.  Picking a jury is challenging for any lawyer.  Being armed with more information about your prospective jury could make voire dire (jury questioning) more focused.… Continue Reading