A few weeks ago Washington Quarterback Robert Griffin III left the Washington lockeroom for what all believe was the last time.  RG3, a Heisman winner at Baylor, will likely be cut.  It was only a couple of seasons ago that Washington fans believed he was their football saivor as he led them to a division

Any employee worth their salt usually will wait until after they’ve received their bonus compensation until making an employment change.  Often this coincides with year but not always.  Because of this employers need to anticipate some employment right about now.

So what should an employer do in anticipation of a small or large exodus –


A few social media signs that an employee is leaving:

  1. The Obvious –  A Linked-In or Facebook profile update that includes the name of a person’s new employer;
  2. The Obvious – An actual description of the new employer or business in a social media profile;
  3. The Obvious – A status update where the employee


Another strategy employers use to prevent employees from walking away with customers, proprietary information, and trade secrets, is the use of a “garden leave” provision in the  employment agreement. Basically, the provision works like this: the employee agrees that they have to provide three weeks notice of their intent to go and work for