We have previously addressed rumblings that the Department of Justice was investigating agreements between companies where they agreed not to contact each other’s employees for hiring purposes. 

The companies involved were Adobe, Apple, Google, Intel, Intuit and Pixar.  In the competitive impact statement, the DOJ outlined the nature of the agreements.  For example


A while back we discussed the DOJ’s investigation into allegations that technology giants in Silicon Valley were effectively preventing computer programmers from making job changes by agreeing not to poach their competitors’ employees.

Last week the DOJ filed a lawsuit along with a proposed settlement with Apple Inc., Adobe Systems Inc., Google Inc., Intel Corp.


Last year there was discussion about the DOJ’s investigation of alleged improper hiring practices by companies like Google, Intel, IBM, and Apple.  Apparently, the DOJ has stepped up the investigation according to a Wall Street Journal article.  According to the article, the inquiry focuses on a pact amongst technology giants not to hire each other’s