With the rise of social networks that permit us to update the world on the details of our lives and smart-phones that allow access to email, social networks, and the internet 24/7, there is always something to do. Take a look around. On my drive into work there is always someone on a phone texting


In cases with significant email traffic lawyers often use applications that sift through emails and documents using specific search phrases and terms.  Usually, the search terms and phrases tie to significant issues to the case or dispute.  Recently, the search terms used by the lawyers investigating the Lehman Brothers debacle were published. Those lawyers were charged with


In a survey of 950 former employees, 60 percent admitted to taking confidential information from their former employers. 

Most of the data takers (53 percent) said they downloaded the information onto a CD or DVD, while 42 percent put it on a USB drive and 38 percent sent it as attachments via e-mail, according