This recent quote from a Dallas Morning News story is troubling to say the least:

At the current rate of weight gain, by 2030, 57.2 percent of Texans will be obese. That could lead to 13 million more cases of chronic diseases like diabetes, heart failure and stroke, arthritis and cancer.

There has


There are certain standard items that every employment agreement should contain and for that matter any contract. Two of those include a choice of law and forum selection clause.  A forum selection clause specifies where a party can sue to enforce the agreement.  The agreement can specify once certain venue (preferable) or multiple venues


Texas is a blue line state when it comes to the enforcement of non-compete agreements.  What does this mean?  It means that courts can perform or rewrite non-compete agreements so that they are enforceable under Texas law.  What this really means is, the judge can rewrite the contract to a form that he or

The Jury BoxIt should be no surprise that civil trials with juries are on a downward trend.  A recent Dallas Morning News article cites a number of factors from tort reform, the expense of trial, activist judges, binding arbitration, and the Texas Supreme Court. 

The most surprising was the theory that Judges distrust juries and therefore would rather

The Jury BoxTo Jury or Not to Jury

It is always interesting to hear people talk about the runaway jury and risks of letting a jury determine the fate of a business/employer.  Most jury members, like most people, are not employers but are employees.  It’s a fair statement that they are likely to have some bias against the employer whether they admit it


Many Texas employer have policies that prevent their employees from keeping their guns in  employee parking areas.  As of yesterday, employees who have conceal carry licenses in the state of Texas can keep their guns in their cars as long as they are locked.  Of course there are exceptions in the law that went