The purpose of the performance improvement plan or “PIP” is to give an employee the opportunity to make certain changes in their work performance so as to merit ongoing employment.  Put another way satisfy the PIP and you keep your job. Of course, there are all sorts of statements in the PIP (or there should


From an employer’s perspective the firing of an employee is hopefully the culmination of a deliberative process and compliance with the company’s policies and procedures.  It is the ultimate adverse employment action and everything that is said and done may be put under the microscope by an employee’s lawyer, EEOC, or Texas Commission on


Bruce Carton of tracked down a great story about a Victoria, Texas hospital (in between San Antonio and Houston) that has implemented a hiring policy that requires potential employees to have a Body Mass Index of less than 35.  According to the Texas


In a recent article about employee poaching Mark Hendricks profiled the common practice of poaching a competitor’s talent.  In the article he noted:

  1. Employers like to hire people who are employed, not unemployed; 
  2. Reaching potential hires through social networking tools like LinkedIn has made poaching easier; and
  3. Potential employers need to worry about non-solicitation agreements, non-compete agreements


Social media sites can give an employer/recruiter information about potential hires that you can’t ask in an interview.  Take Facebook for instance, you can learn the following about me from my profile and posts:

  • Race/Ethnicity – just take a look at my picture;
  • Age – set forth in my profile;
  • Marital Status – set