Any employee worth their salt usually will wait until after they’ve received their bonus compensation until making an employment change.  Often this coincides with year but not always.  Because of this employers need to anticipate some employment right about now.

So what should an employer do in anticipation of a small or large exodus –


As we creep up on the end of the year employers should be considering/doing a  number of things:

  1. Is the company employee manual up to date – any changes necessary? – The end of the year is always a good time to review those policies and procedures and see how they worked in

                                            By Keith Allison from Owings Mills, USA

The world of sports always seems to have good examples of unfortunate employer/employee situations.  Maybe this is because of the combination of significant amounts of money and the media spotlight.  Two seasons ago


Last week, we discussed the effect obesity would have on employers in the future because of weight related health issues. A very interesting article was published in the Texas Lawyer this week addressing the rising number of  Americans with Disabilities Act claims based upon obesity. The take away from the article, which at this point is


This recent quote from a Dallas Morning News story is troubling to say the least:

At the current rate of weight gain, by 2030, 57.2 percent of Texans will be obese. That could lead to 13 million more cases of chronic diseases like diabetes, heart failure and stroke, arthritis and cancer.

There has


There are certain standard items that every employment agreement should contain and for that matter any contract. Two of those include a choice of law and forum selection clause.  A forum selection clause specifies where a party can sue to enforce the agreement.  The agreement can specify once certain venue (preferable) or multiple venues