Smooth Transitions

Smooth Transitions

Addressing the Legal issues arising from the departure of employees & Business breakups

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RG3 and the Employee Departure

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A few weeks ago Washington Quarterback Robert Griffin III left the Washington lockeroom for what all believe was the last time.  RG3, a Heisman winner at Baylor, will likely be cut.  It was only a couple of seasons ago that Washington fans believed he was their football saivor as he led them to a division… Continue Reading

End of Year Employment Housekeeping

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                                           As we creep up on the end of the year employers should be considering/doing a  number of things: Is the company employee manual up to date – any changes necessary? – The end of the year is always a good time to review those policies and procedures and see how they worked in… Continue Reading

The End of Year HR Punchlist

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                                           Earlier in the week we discussed policies and procedures that should be in place to deal with end of year employee departures. Companies should also consider a number of other HR related issues as the year draws to a close. Here are my thoughts: Evaluation of all employment policies, including the employee handbook; A… Continue Reading

Want to be on the Real World? Think twice.

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                                               I’m embarrassed to admit to watching “The Real World” when it first came out in the early 90’s. It’s been many years since I have tuned in, but I always wondered what the contract was like that cast members had to sign. Luckily, the Village Voice has obtained the agreement.    Some highlights:   I… Continue Reading