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The Fifth Circuit Chimes In on Inevitable Disclosure

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We’ve discussed the inevitable disclosure doctrine in previous posts.  It’s a powerful claim and whether adoption of the uniform trade secrets act makes it viable in Texas remains to be seen.   What is it?  Assume that in your prior job you were exposed to certain trade secrets of your employer that you would “inevitably” use in… Continue Reading

Sam Adams Goes to Court

Posted in Non-Compete Agreements
                                           Sam Adams Beer Company recently filed a lawsuit in Massachusetts against a salesman who it alleges went to work for a competitor in California.  The case illustrates the importance of a venue provision in an employment contract, which we recently discussed here.  California is downright hostile when it comes to non-solicit and… Continue Reading

Hurd, HP, and Inevitable Disclosure

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                                   As you probably know, HP filed a lawsuit against former CEO Mark Hurd in California seeking to prevent him from going to work for competitor Oracle.  The Wall Street Journal has a solid account of the lawsuit and analysis of the claims. The lawsuit asserts causes of action against Hurd for breach of… Continue Reading