The Case

The Fifth Circuit affirmed the opinion of a magistrate judge in the Southern District of Texas that found a law firm owed a search firm for the introduction of a group of lawyers the firm hired. Essentially, the search firm made the initial introduction, but a deal was not reached until


In cases with significant email traffic lawyers often use applications that sift through emails and documents using specific search phrases and terms.  Usually, the search terms and phrases tie to significant issues to the case or dispute.  Recently, the search terms used by the lawyers investigating the Lehman Brothers debacle were published. Those lawyers were charged with

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve discussed BofA but once again the company is involved in litigation, this time over a non-compete.  This time, BofA is on the receiving end of a lawsuit filed by Robert McCann, former head of Merrill Lynch’s wealth management unit.  McCann’s lawsuit challenges  the enforceability of a non-compete he entered into