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Smooth Transitions

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Game, Set, Match: Hurd and HP settle.

Posted in Non-Compete Agreements
                                     Mark Hurd and HP settled their lawsuit yesterday. Hurd will return restricted stock to HP (worth approximately $13.6 million) and continue to work for Oracle. What can we learn from the Hurd/HP affair?   HP’s suit against Hurd was fraught with legal questions.  Chiefly, was the Hurd non-compete enforceable under California law?  Nevertheless HP could not… Continue Reading

Hurd, HP, and Inevitable Disclosure

Posted in Trade Secrets
                                   As you probably know, HP filed a lawsuit against former CEO Mark Hurd in California seeking to prevent him from going to work for competitor Oracle.  The Wall Street Journal has a solid account of the lawsuit and analysis of the claims. The lawsuit asserts causes of action against Hurd for breach of… Continue Reading