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Is Social Media Legislation Coming Your Way?

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                          Legislation regarding social media is on the rise.  Commentators spend a lot of time monitoring the implications of social media in the employment and lawsuit context but the judicial branch is now weighing in as well.  A number of legislatures have already enacted laws that address what happens to social media accounts like Facebook… Continue Reading

Upcoming Podcast

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                                   On July 14, 2011, I will be a part of a panel discussion on social media on the Proactive Employer podcast – Please check it out.… Continue Reading

Orwell Part II: Rethinking Personal Privacy

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                                The post from last week raised some interesting question regarding the employer monitoring of employee social media communications.  The takeaway – Do we need to rethink the sacrosanct division of our employment versus private lives?  As social media use continues and increases, individuals are creating more and more online content. With more and more content… Continue Reading

Privacy Fights: Who owns your text message?

Posted in Social Networking
                                             You’ve probably seen friends, coworkers, family members, and strangers glued to their "smart phone" of choice as if it is somehow an appendage.  The use/addiction to these items is increasing as we become more and more mobile.  A couple of interesting stats courtesy of CNN: A Pew study found in January that 80… Continue Reading