We’ve written about non-competes involving firework choreographers, dog groomers, dance instructors, recruiters, executives, and salespeople.  The point is they run the gamut.  Periodically we will cover some of the more interesting cases out there.  Here’s what’s happening:

 The Florida Tatoo Artist

In a case  from last year, a Florida court enforced a non-compete agreement against


A while back we discussed the DOJ’s investigation into allegations that technology giants in Silicon Valley were effectively preventing computer programmers from making job changes by agreeing not to poach their competitors’ employees.

Last week the DOJ filed a lawsuit along with a proposed settlement with Apple Inc., Adobe Systems Inc., Google Inc., Intel Corp.

Seventy percent of participating U.S. employers indicated they had rejected a job applicant based on their on line profile in a recent Microsoft survey.  U.S. employers were well ahead of the UK, Germany, and France:


The study found that employers’ scrutiny focused on concerns about the applicant’s lifestyle, inappropriate comments by the candidate, and unsuitable pictures and video:

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