When you are courting that new employee, frequently you will present him or her with a rather lengthy employee agreement that contains all the bells and whistles.  Obviously this includes the standard pay/benefit information and maybe some post-employment covenants like a non-compete or non-solicit.  

Often times within the recitals there will also be


In a recent article about employee poaching Mark Hendricks profiled the common practice of poaching a competitor’s talent.  In the article he noted:

  1. Employers like to hire people who are employed, not unemployed; 
  2. Reaching potential hires through social networking tools like LinkedIn has made poaching easier; and
  3. Potential employers need to worry about non-solicitation agreements, non-compete agreements


There have been numerous discussions here regarding individuals chronicling their daily lives through the use of Facebook, Twitter, blogs and other social media. We can provide location information through foursquare or talk about our job through a Facebook status update or Twitter tweet. The possibilities are endless and lawyers are beginning to focus on social media