Non-Compete Agreements

I really enjoyed an article about Madison, Wisconsin based Epic Systems’s non-compete agreement and the comments of those former employees who were abiding by it.  There was some scuttlebutt about whether Epic was going to extend the term from 1 to 2 years.  Epic is big in the healthcare IT world and its ex-employees go


The reality of the litigation world is the vast majority of cases are settled.  That means there is no trial, there is no summary judgment, and there is no ultimate decision by the court that resolves the case.  I had a professor in law school that


Not Much in 2013

I kind of feel like a broken record when it comes to Texas non-compete development over the last few years. Since the Marsh opinion I have been anticipating more significant developments in the non-compete and post-employment covenant world as employers attempt to use different types of consideration as


It’s been over 2 years since the Marsh non-compete opinion was delivered by the Texas Supreme Court clarifying what the phrase “ancillary to an otherwise enforceable agreement” actually means. The real take away from that opinion, which we have discussed extensively, is that the consideration or value provided to the employee as part of


I really liked Steve Boese’s article on non-competes in the fistful of talent recruiting blog.  Steve considers the non-compete as HR’s equivalent to a prenuptial agreement.  Steve also hit on what is most effective about a non-compete whether it is enforceable or not:

Just the threat of potential legal action and the leverage a