We’ve talked about the Texas Supreme Court’s opinion in Marsh USA v. Cook and its legal niceties, but what does it mean for employers and what should they be doing in light of the ruling?  The fact of the matter is we won’t know until lower courts address the opinions, but here are a couple of

Analysis from last Friday’s Texas Supreme Court opinion in Marsh USA v. Cook will continue this week as lawyers, employers, and employees struggle with what the non-compete playing field is today. Quite simply put, Marsh USA is a game changer.

The ramifications of the case are best set forth Justice Green’s dissent, which was joined

In Texas there are other options to prevent departing employers from competing with your business:

A Non-Solicitation: Instead of tying down your employee with a non-compete consider a non-solicitation. The non-solicit will still have to meet non-compete standards, but it can be used for specific customers as opposed to geographic areas. The rub, there will always