A recent non-solicit case out of the Fifth District Court of Appeals in Dallas addressed the trial court’s denial of an injunction. 

The Facts

The Defendants were both employed by Jon Scott Salon as hairstylists. They signed Employment Agreements that contained several covenants addressing confidential information and the non-solicitation of clients after termination.

After resigning

Happy Holidays to you and your family.  Below are a few of my favorite deposition clips:

This back and forth is priceless:


 The masked man deposition:


My all time favorite with Texas legend Joe Jamail:



Verizon and AT&T nonsuited lawsuits pending in New York and Atlanta today which largely stemmed over the companies’ respective 3G phone service.  Verizon filed a declaratory judgment lawsuit in July requesting a New York court to find Verizon’s claim that its 3G network was the most reliable was accurate.   AT&T filed a lawsuit in November claiming Verizon’s "There’s a A Map for That" ad campaign was misleading. 


While I don’t often discuss cases on Texas procedure, In Re Weekly Homes, which was published on August 28, 2009 is worth comment.  Prior to Weekly Homes there had been no guidance from the Texas Supreme Court on electronic discovery and little discussion by Texas intermediate appellate courts.  The opinion addresses a request by a party


I’ll let the constitutional law scholars breakdown the Supreme Court’s ruling in Massey Coal from Monday, but here is a synopsis from the Wall Street Journal Law Blog:

In a nutshell, the court ruled Monday that a West Virginia justice shouldn’t have participated in state court decisions overturning a $50 million judgment against Massey