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 Rep. Weiner decided to come clean and admit the Tweet and attached picture he sent to a woman was sent by him and of him. According to CNN, Weiner’s communications were not limited to one woman and took place with several over the last three years.  I’ll spare you the salacious details and pose the following

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The post from last week raised some interesting question regarding the employer monitoring of employee social media communications.  The takeaway – Do we need to rethink the sacrosanct division of our employment versus private lives? 

As social media use continues and increases, individuals are creating more and more online content. With more and more content

                                    George Orwell, Author of 1984

Ohio lawyer Jon Hyman provided some insight yesterday on the NLRB’s latest social media case.   The short of it is an employer is alleged to have fired five employees because of negative Facebook posts about employment conditions.   Others have weighed in on the propriety of the firing, but from my perspective that’s not the interesting part


It’s a little disturbing to think that your smart phone is secretly tracking your whereabouts and hiding the information in some discrete place only a computer scientist can find.  That appears to be what the iPhone is doing.  According to the Wall Street Journal, even turning off the tracking features of an iPhone does


A few social media signs that an employee is leaving:

  1. The Obvious –  A Linked-In or Facebook profile update that includes the name of a person’s new employer;
  2. The Obvious – An actual description of the new employer or business in a social media profile;
  3. The Obvious – A status update where the employee


Daniel Schwartz’s latest entry on social media discovery illustrates how easy it is for parties in a lawsuit to obtain someone’s Facebook records:

No longer are companies required to spent countless hours subpoenaing Facebook for the records of the terminated employee who is suing you. Just ask for the Plaintiff to download all of his or

Let’s face it there is a lot of nastiness out there in cyberspace.  For some reason some feel more empowered to say about anything on message boards, social media outlets, and chatrooms.  Those statements however can form the basis for a lawsuit.  Kurt Cobain widow and Hole lead singer Courtney Love has been sued by