Smooth Transitions

Smooth Transitions

addressing the Legal issues arising from the departure of employees & Business breakups

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Upcoming Interview on Employee Departures

Posted in HR Issues
                                 Next Friday, March 2, I will be appearing on Stephanie Thompson’s Proactive Employer Employer Podcast.   Stephanie’s podcast is top notch and addresses a wide range of HR related issues.  We will be discussing hiring/firing issues as well as post-employment covenants.  Here is a little information about the podcast:   The Proactive Employer Podcast,… Continue Reading

Upcoming Presentations

Posted in Social Networking
                                   For those that are interested, I will be speaking on June 27, 2010 to the FPA Dallas/Ft. Worth Tarrant County Chapter regarding  the New FINRA Regulations on Social Media.  On July 9, 2010, I will be speaking on Temporary Restraining Orders in Judge James Stanton’s Court, the 134th Judicial District, Dallas County, Texas. … Continue Reading