The more things change…

The old adage goes that the more things change the more they stay the same. For Texas placement professionals there have been no landmark cases or significant changes in the law this year, but the standard issues remain and have become more magnified in the areas of post-employment covenants and the

I’ve been riding bikes and racing triathlons for several years and been able to ride in some amazing places. Below is a picture of my brother, my Dad, and me during a trip to France in 2010.


Specialized is a premier American bicycle manufacturing company that has had significant success in the European peleton and in the triathlon


In Texas a non-compete has to be ancillary to an otherwise enforceable agreement. What does this mean?  The consideration (or value) in the separate agreement must give rise to the employer’s interest in keeping the employee from working and the non-compete must be designed to prevent the employee from breaching the promise she gave


In a recent non-compete decision, Federal District Court Judge Steven Robinson denied an injunction sought by IBM to keep a former vice-president, Steven Johnson, from going to work for Dell.  The court rejected IBM’s contention, that Johnson had access to trade secrets:

The court believes . . . that IBM has overstated its case.  Mr. Johnson does not