Trial and Pre-Trial Procedure


If you have some time, come on down to this Friday’s Dallas Bar Trial Skills Section meeting at noon in the Belo Mansion.  I will be moderating a panel on expert witness practice.  We have a great group including lawyers Alicia Curran, Don Swain, Jason Copling, and expert Karl Weisheit.


Parties to lawsuits sometimes try to seek solace in the fact that the ongoing attorneys’ fees they are paying will be recoverable at the end of their case. The reality of the situation is that just because an attorneys’ fees claim is proper does not mean those fees will ultimately be recoverable. In most


Last week we talked about the considerations, frankly negative considerations, employers and business owners should consider before they go to trial. That post raises the following question: What, if any benefit is there to a trial for a company?

Frankly, I am not sure there are any, unless demands made by the Plaintiff are so