There are certain standard items that every employment agreement should contain and for that matter any contract. Two of those include a choice of law and forum selection clause.  A forum selection clause specifies where a party can sue to enforce the agreement.  The agreement can specify once certain venue (preferable) or multiple venues



Employers should always be careful and cognizant of venue provisions in their employment agreements. Many employers will simply include a venue provision making venue mandatory where the home office or headquarters is located, but this doesn’t always make sense in the context of an employment dispute. 


Recently, I reviewed a contract which required


Whenever I’m asked to review an employment agreement or contract there are three initial provisions I look for:

  1. The Venue Provision:  If there is a dispute over the agreement does it specify where any lawsuit must be filed(City/County/State)?  Does it specify state or federal court? 
  2. Arbitration Provision: Does the agreement require arbitration?  Is it